Captain Clarkson and the Age of Thump

Reading time: ~1 minute

This story is too long for the platform, I'll half it at some point and post it again.

Stage 2030 Covid

Reading time: 3 minutes

(Written 2020)

“It’s quite simple,” said Karen. “I’m going to be terminated.”

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Project Icarus

Reading time: 13 minutes

(Written 2017) This is the opening story from my book of short stories, "Misplaced"

(Note: please ignore the politics, I got it wrong, I admit it. Never listen to mainstream news)

I arrived at the secret RAF base somewhere in the heart of England, on a rainy evening in December. The guard looked at Read more

The Covid State

Reading time: 4 minutes

(Written 2020)

Carol followed the back alley quickly. She thought no one had seen her when she crossed the main road. She knew the Read more

Rattle Ghost - a re-telling of Rumpelstiltskin

Reading time: 15 minutes

(Written 2016, features in my book of short stories: "Misplaced")

Sunday night.

Luci stared at the blank Word document; she had been staring at it for hours it seemed. She went into the kitchen and got Read more


Reading time: 3 minutes

(Written 2016 - from my book Misplaced)

Julia stood by the train door as it pulled into Beckton station. She had been watching the nearly empty platform all the time Read more

The Gimp

Reading time: 12 minutes

(Written 2017)

John was making coffee when the gimp suit arrived. It had been a normal day until then. The kids had gone off to school, as Read more

Departure Gate

Reading time: 6 minutes

(2017 - most people misunderstand this story)

“I’m going to have a coffee, how about you?” said the man.

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