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Goodreads Best Short Stories 2021 Poetica: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Poetry Anthology 2019 Gleam: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Second Flash Fiction Anthology 2019 Absent Ginsberg: An Anthology of […]

Caffeinated in Woolwich

Caffeinated in Woolwich – a collection This book represents a showcase of writing from Justin Tuijl. Non-fiction, fiction, a screenplay and a poem. The thing that unites them all: caffeine […]


Misplaced 14 Short Stories. 14 Stories of different genres. Flash fiction, reimagined fairy tales, and deep cuts examining the psychology of hellos and goodbyes. Not to mention a little satire, […]

Burning Wolfhound

BURNING WOLFHOUND: An action adventure thriller The Wolfhound, ex-Navy gunboat, is burning… Jack Davenport has killed Bernhart’s lover. Now Bernhart and Charlotte are chasing the gangster across the world in […]

Codename Wolfhound

CODENAME WOLFHOUND: An action adventure thriller Goa, India, March 1968. Bernhart Smith has a head injury, he is unsure who he is supposed to kill but the photographs he has […]