About this website

This website is about me, Justin Tuijl, sort of. Well, more about the output I have made and the experiences that got me there. Sometimes this site has been my personal website, sometimes my author site, sometimes my musician site, sometimes my conservation notes. Some of the content goes way back to my first personal website on Yahoo Geocities in 1998. So where I have finally got to is this, the website is still about me, sort of, but it contains my author work, musician notes & works, conservation notes and a bunch of other items that I did. So that is where the site stands after so many re-works (and being deleted a few times, so going from loads of content back to nothing several times, to stuff being added again). Being a geek and a webdesigner I kept re-working this website, getting sick of it, deleting it, starting again, re-working it… and repeat. This time I am sick to death of doing that, so this is it until the world ends, final version 666. I shall add content and lightly rework the website where needed.

Just a note. My Geocities site used to get about 1000 to 5000 visits a month. This carried on to my self-hosted personal sites, once I had greylizard.net and then I moved it all to justintuijl.com. The traffic stayed high until 2020… then the visits dropped off a cliff, right down to zero. Nothing for months. The visit graph was a flat-line. Weird. I guess I said something the search engines didn’t like, or, everyone died or something. The site is still low on traffic in 2024, most visitors are from Russia, China and places like that, not much from the UK. Not that it matters a lot, I put the URL on my books, so I guess I should keep it until the domain expires or the hosting dies, or the world ends. As a further note, the Asia visitors are usually hackers, looking for a way in to the site. They mostly bounce, which means they come to one page and go again. It’s interesting to see the difference with other sites I have. The Kipper Family site I run has a very low bounce rate, in that, a visitor comes and looks at several pages. Ok, it might mean that people come to this website and don’t like what they see! Still, in this age when everyone seeks validation.. “likes” etc. I should just be happy to publish and be damned, regardless of quantity of visits. I hope you find something of interest here, as, if you read this you are one of the very few. Sometimes I wonder what the point of a website with no visitors is, I mean, isn’t a website for visitors? Or just a decorate folly? Or just a complete waste of my time…?

All the best, Justin. Jan.2024

p.s. most of the pictures on this site are by me, some of the others are from Pixabay.