About, Warning and Donate

This website is not a “public” website. Search engines are discouraged to list it or investigate its contents. It contains my views which may or may not be views you agree on. This is my website, so here I will publish as I feel fit. I might put in sexual scenes, and naughty swear words, and I might not do those.

What you will find on this website is novels, books, stories, articles, poems, blogs, views, things of interest.

I’ve decided not to post to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook et al. In-fact I’m not all that keen an Amazon. You can still get my books there for now, that way vending to Kindle or print-on-demand is easy. However I am feeling more and more like publishing to my website and making it available for free.

Since the first lockdown I am not a happy writer. You can read about that here and in other places on this site. I’m pretty broken as a writer, how can one write about the old normal living in the new normal? Not sure. Therefore I am putting all my writing on this site as I am not sure of my future as a writer.

I have been a webdesigner since 1998 (GreylizardWebdesign). And this website is different for me as it has a whole different aspect of creative expression. It is an all singing all dancing website even though I have made it look super basic.

The “asides” category is for more controversial subjects.

Support my work optional

All my work is free on this website. If you would like to support my work you can buy on Amazon, but almost all the money goes to Amazon. My PayPal address is justin@justintuijl.com if you so fancy sending me a little something. Thank you.