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Codename Wolfhound novel

An action adventure thriller

Goa, India, March 1968. Bernhart Smith has a head injury, he is unsure who he is supposed to kill but the photographs he has are some sort of hint. Heading to Bombay, he searches for a meaning to his existence as an assassin and his search for his true love Charlotte. Bernhart finds more confusion and fear than he could have expected in Bombay and he still needs to find what happened to his ex-navy gunboat the Wolfhound. Set in modern times and in 1968, Codename Wolfhound will have you turning pages to discover the final secrets and answers. This story contains violence, adult language, and somewhat graphic sexual situations.

Sample chapter

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Burning Wolfhound novel

The Wolfhound, ex-Navy gunboat, is burning… Jack Davenport has killed Bernhart’s lover. Now Bernhart and Charlotte are chasing the gangster across the world in the Wolfhound. Matters are complicated by Bernhart’s ex-wife, his unrequited love for Charlotte, a rogue/unpredictable MI6 man and an apparently foolish millionaire. Set in 1968 and modern times. A gripping thriller with a final, burning twist, Burning Wolfhound will appeal to readers of Alistair Maclean and page-turners. Contains violence, adult language, and somewhat graphic sexual situations.

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Justin Tuijl: What Did You Put in my Coffee?

Before you knew him as an action/thriller author, Justin Tuijl cut his literary teeth on flash fiction, reimagined fairy tales, and deep cuts examining the psychology of hellos and goodbyes. Not to mention a little satire, fantasy and sci-fi. He is now opening up his archives for a tour through his mind. This short story collection contains some violence as well as adult language and situations.

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