I made a bunch of music from a young age onwards. Was obsessed in the old days of running the tape recorder and making banging noises and stuff. I’d also play my nans old organ as a kid and make a “hell of a racket”, in her eyes! To me it was inspired. My grandad said years later that it was always tuneful.

I tried many ways of doing music but I didn’t have much equipment until I was working and bought a few bits. Was quite interested in DJing too. I always tried to make computers make music, whcih was a challenge of equipment. From Apple 2, Spectrum, Amiga, all being ropey. The PC was also fairly naff for a longtime.

I did a 31 albums, countless DJ mixes and several gigs in Norwich, London and Goa, India.

In the end I got sick of gigs and being messed about. I’ve not made any new music for sometime, that may change.

My music on Bandcamp

And aka Starship Anjuna