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Album 35 – DystopiaUtopia

My 35th album and 4th album of 2024. Recorded live with Ableton Live Get it free: Bandcamp or Free Music Archive Techno, trance, dub, ambient. Dark overtones. Best on headphones!

3rd album of 2024

I made another album, released on the 20th April 2024 Get it at bandcamp or FMA for free. Techno, trance, ambient, electronic. Heavily influenced by Richard H Kirk.

New album 2024

This is the new album in 2024 my 32nd album. My first music since 2012. Get it free at Bandcamp Or FMA

Listen/download for free – follow

The following list is being added to of places to listen to my music or download it for free and follow on social media Justin Tuijl at Bandcamp Justin Tuijl at Soundcloud Justin Tuijl at Free Music Archive Starship Anjuna…

Current setup

My current setup is: FL StudioCakewalkWaveformAbleton LiveTraktor I haven’t made a recorded track for a bit or done much mixing. Mostly I’ve been experimenting with the packages I have. Gradually I’ve been getting inspired to make some new tracks. It’s…

Album Discography

2024 update (after a very long break I made, so far, three albums in 2024): We’re Not In The Club 2030.H.A.P.P.Y. I’m awake, now what? 31 Albums by me upto 2012 These were free download at Last.fm but they changed…

Fluid, the Playstation 1 music “game”

Written Jan 2024 Back in the day I had trouble sourcing digital instruments, well, any instruments at all. Finding out that my computer could make music was very useful. At that time I had an Amiga computer which had a…

Justin Tuijl – musician & DJ

I used to make music and DJ Over the years I made 31 albums. Some are still online free to download: Bandcamp.com There is a Last.fm profile with the Justin Tuijl catalogue listed. I also had some pseudonyms: Bad Mandi,…