RSS Sir David Bellamy? Or BoatyMcBoatface?

Personally I thought it was a bit silly, BoatyMcBoatface, the name for a ship, but not really problem. So that was fine, I thought there was a ship out there called BoatyMcBoatface. And then I find out what they did, as clearly that was not allowed, despite being a very popular winner. Something like 70.000 votes. But no, the runner up, Sir David Attenborough at 10.000 votes gets it and the bloody sub, the unmanned sub, on the ship gets the name. Which is a farse, as it’s a fucking sub, not a boat.

And so it’s named after Attenborough, a broadcaster. A wildlife presenter firmly in the man-made climate change is going to kill everything camp. You may not be aware that David Bellamy was on track to steal Attenborough’s crown at one point, and at one point we all did David Bellamy impressions. I’d take Sir David Bellamy for the name of the ship any day over Attenborough. Bellamy was more than a presenter, he was a qualified botanist, unlike Attenborough who is simply a presenter.

Bellamy lost his crown as he became a man-made climate change denier. He wasn’t at first but realised soon enough he was wrong. Well done that man, to admit you got it wrong. Makes him the hero in my eyes. He was sure that the BBC kept turning down his programme ideas due to his climate stance.

My reason for writing this is to point out the wrongness of our times. That boat should be BoatyMcBoatface, but no, what the people want can’t be allowed if the establishment don’t like it. At the very least the ship should have been the RSS Sir David Bellamy as he was a qualified hero, unlike the establishment monster (who is as establishment as the Queen) Attenborough.