My old Citroen 2CV

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This was my Citroen 2CV, a black and yellow Charleston. It seems there are only 50 or so of these on the road still, though it Read more

Classic Car Show, London 2016

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I lived near the Excel Centre in London and popped along to the classic car show in 2016. It was interesting to see in real the Read more

Foolish Cars

Reading time: 14 minutes

This is a collection of the interesting points from what used to be a very popular set of pages on my personal website. The whole turns into a technical non-fiction article. I may add the pictures at some point. It’s more a tucked away on the web article.

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Jeepurs Devon Rex and Siamese Cats (Historic Inactive Cattery)

Reading time: 4 minutes

Jeepurs is NOT an active cattery. This is just a history page.

This was an intro to the pictures of the cats on my old personal website. It’s info people have searched for a lot and therefore I’m sticking it in the back drawer of this website.

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Why Don’t You Dance? by Raymond Carver

Reading time: 11 minutes

(I do like this story but I've always been troubled by Carver. He wrote quite verbosely, I had a book with the long versions in, it was his editor who cut the stories down. So who's work is this really? Who's meaning?)

In the kitchen, he poured another drink and looked at the bedroom suite in his
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Adlestrop by Edward Thomas

Reading time: 2 minutes

This was my favourite poem when I was young. I studied it at school. Edward Thomas is often sighted as a war poet but Read more