RSS Sir David Bellamy? Or BoatyMcBoatface?

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Personally I thought it was a bit silly, BoatyMcBoatface, the name for a ship, but not really problem. So that was fine, I thought there was a ship out there called BoatyMcBoatface. And then I find out what they did, as clearly that was not allowed, despite Read more

Climate change is nonesense

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"Sustainability" and the "climate alarm" are mere tools for profit, greed and power. We are not directly affecting the warming Read more

Blakes 7 - the flawed but awesome BBC Sci-fi series from the 1970's

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Written on 22 December 2019. Edited 03 Dec 2021

There was a series back in the 1970's on BBC TV called Blakes 7. It was horribly under-budget for a Sci-fi series as it Read more

In the footsteps of Lawrence of Alexandria

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This was written in 2014 for my writing access course, I went to Egypt in 2010 just when the volcano in Iceland shut down the world.

Read more

I thought I was Greta

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I’m a pretty disturbed bunny right now. Since July 2020 I’ve had to throw away a lot of ideas I had and embrace a lot of new Read more

We Are Being Watched

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Revised: 24/Oct/21

I've always been a massive geek. I was on computers back in 1977, the Apple 2. All my work was computer related, I taught Read more