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Welcome to my tiny bit of the web. Very few people come here, I know as I have stats on visitors and there are almost no visits.

I write novels, articles, short stories, poems and I post researches I have done on here. I live in the UK.

I have a terrible habit of deleting my website and then building it all up again. However, this time I’m hoping I shall make this one stick, until they take down the internet for certain people that is.

I’ve had a big eye opening since lockdown 1 and I uncovered a big trail of government lies. I won’t bore you with that or open myself to pointlessness. Up to you to find out, if that’s what you want. However, close to my heart is the Climate Hoax, which I will address on this website, there, 1 lie you can then follow the trail to unlock the rest in your own time.

I’m not sure I see much point in writing anymore. We’ll see. Some old stuff of mine on here anyway.

The date of writing is sometimes marked. Also, I edit a lot of posts. Lots of free to read writing on this website.