Died Suddenly: safe and effective? Effective at what?

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This is a documentary about the covid-19 vaccine. It seems to do what they want it to do: kill people. Very Effective and Safe bet for depopulation. https://odysee.com/@QuantumRhino:9/Died-Suddenly-(2022):2b

Done with social media

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I'm done with social media. Similar to how I feel about TV, radio and newspapers, in that I find them unbearable, mostly due to the news... I have decided social…

If you believe…

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I never really cared about the moon landings. When people said they didn’t believe they happened, it was faked, I didn’t care. Real, faked, meh. So what? However, since 2020…

Boom Festival 2012

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I went to the Boom Festival in 2010 and again in 2012. 2010 was ok, as they didn’t oversell the event and it was a pleasant amount of people. 2012…

Neuschwanstein Castle

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I never knew about this castle until 1992, though I had seen it on telly many times without realising. In 1992 I took three weeks or so holiday and headed…

About this website

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This website's focus has become my writing but it contains elements of my old personal website. I'm not really thinking I'm going to be anything than an amateur author, so…

Justin’s Music

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I made a bunch of music from a young age onwards. Was obsessed in the old days of running the tape recorder and making banging noises and stuff. I'd also…