wyndpharms are stupid

for the last
time, there was another time
with handles to
the here, & now,
one day
there will be more
than viruses
man made
though eclectic cars & wyndpharms
don’t work very well
like bitey sideways teeth of
weird dragons

i’d say i was a
humorous james juice,
but he’d probably think
 i was a rough poet
of non-intellectual crap,
it’s a good thing
he is dead,
like wot i feel, oh yes!
pirates, aggghh, & rum, be merry,
& don’t do xmas,
trees, no life there in a cardigan,
or a jumper,
of woolly mammoth, claws,
indeed, clause, &, graves,
near the falling sky,
Klaus, cut & paste,
facebook status, or something stupid
always wanting.
sexy. indeed,
there is nothing
like a big.
orgy, the sloggy life
of brain,
damage, cameras, & commas,,,
nonsense! i hear you cry!

& i expect all those with too much money are really nice people