I don’t want to live in a super city

The Dutch farmers (I’m a 1/4 Dutch) are being forced off their land under the guise of climate crisis, namely a nitrogen crisis. It’s a hoax. The real reason is that the money men want the land in order to build a super city. It’s the Highland Clearances on a large scale. It’s all to make money. It’s all greed, power and greed. I live in Scotland. I don’t even want to leave the building I live in, let alone be moved to a super city. I used to live in London, I didn’t want to be there anymore. I’d rather die than move. See this link for more info on the Tristate City: https://www.riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/modern-day-censorship/megalopolis-tristate-city-instead-of-farmers-in-netherlands/

I’ve lived all over the world. I cites, forests, etc. Having spent a lifetime moving away from civilisation it would be unbearable to be stuffed back into a dense population.