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I remember clearly that my first written word was “here”. I used to hide behind the armchair and secretly write it on a bit of paper. I was very proud of that word. However, I soon found that the words did not do what I wanted. Well, the letters that is. An S, a D, a B, R, N, all didn’t know which way around they wanted to be. Most children do this as their brains work out their left from their right. Guess what? I still don’t know, without thinking about it hard, my left from my right. This is dyslexia. Pages of written text refused to stay still. It took me so long to read and write. But I wanted it, oh I wanted it bad. Mostly it was Biggles books that saved me. I was lucky to pick one in a class once, we were asked to chose a book from a pile, and I liked the one with a flying boat on the front. What a lucky find. I wanted to read Biggles books so much, they were so worth the effort. And it was a big effort.

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1970 Sunday March the 8th – Justin is born in Nottingham

1971 He is moved to Whittlesey

1975 He is moved to Thetford

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Welcome to my tiny bit of the web. Very few people come here, I know as I have stats on visitors and there are almost no visits.

I write novels, articles, short stories, poems and I post researches I have done on here. I live in the UK.

I have a terrible habit of deleting my website and then building it all up again. However, this time I’m hoping I shall make this one stick, until they take down the internet for certain people that is.

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