junk addiction


video games,
sexual images,
they pull the life out of you,
junk, addiction,
social media,
photos of your dinner,
status updates,
think the world cares?
junk addiction,
junk addiction,
get your fix of the superficial,
become superficial,
dead inside,
sexual perversions,
get your fix of the junk,
lose humanity,
lose your soul to the superficial junk,
they are controlling you,
it’s an agenda,
get your fix,
lose your humanity,
to the superficial junk,
become the junk you seek,
consume the junk,
be the junk,
addiction to the superficial,
lose humanity
lose the fight
let them take us down
to the pit of hell
the end of humanity
fixing us
in the hole
of the end
of us

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