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Cyber attacks, coming soon

Cyber Polygon, we may not have much longer to connect on the internet as they start to say we are going to get cyber attacks that take down the internet, money and power grid: Cyber Polygon is the WEF wargaming cyber attacks, just like event 201 was wargaming a covid breakout. Funny…

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Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom

I have come to understand, since lockdown 1, that history that we are taught maybe a bit wonky. One person who has tried to correct the twisted narrative is Tom Woods. I’d highly recommend his website for some history correction:

The Corbett Report

Many people are denying that there is a purge happening at the moment by big tech. Amazon, Smashwords, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter are all deleting content they don’t like, content that doesn’t fit with the narrative. Mention election fraud, vaccines, lockdowns, covid etc and you could find your content vanished. I myself have been censored…

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