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Some of my work has adult themes. Also, I do not subscribe to the mainstream narrative/propaganda.

Note on post dates. There are none, but all posts are chronological.

This is a website for the reading of my stuff, not a social media – pat on the back, massage the ego – website. It also has no subscriber fees or adverts. My writing for free.

About the writing

My name is Justin Tuijl. I write novels, short stories, poems, articles, essays, non-fiction and general comments on this website.

I do not follow, or subscribe to, the mainstream narrative. Since 2020 I have found out so much and I can no longer view the world the same way. Needless to say my writing, quite compromised, has turned to dystopia and science fiction. I am not posting on social media, only here, and the narrative may or may not be to your liking. To hint at what I am saying here, it’s an anagram of words: hoax – coronavirus – climate change. If you can deal with that then we may be starting on the same page. Beware of Cyber Polygon, we may have limited time or ability to connect. However, most of the content was written in the old normal. I was never a climate skeptic until 2020 when they started to push the sustainable thing along with the lockdowns. I was an activist once, how silly I feel now: I thought I was Greta

This website is because I don’t see much future in publishing. Please see this: here

See my work for free in the reading section. This is not an author selling stuff website. I feel like publishing has had it. The market is flooded. However, I like to write so this is a me to you arrangement if you happen to like the writing on this website for free.

I have a terrible habit of deleting my websites and social media. However, I am resolving to not delete this version created in May 2021. Some of this content was on my personal website from 1998 onwards, on Blogger and on old versions of JustinTuijl.com. Some content has also been in books and on other websites. This website has become an amalgamation of my websites focusing on the writing parts taken from previous personal websites. This website contains no pictures, well, actually, there is one picture, see if you can find it.

You may not find out much about Justin Tuijl the person on here. That might be reserved for a free members only section. We are being watched. Friends and family know who I am, where I come from, where I am now and with whom, the internet doesn’t need to know! And they do try to know. Who? The technocrats. I digress. Moving on…

The “asides” section is for more controversial subjects, a blog.

I’m also a webdesigner. This website is designed to be basic with no silly bells and whistles. It uses WordPress but is a hand coded hybrid, and I do not use your data. I’d recommend you have security plugins and use Firefox or Brave Browser. I might re-code this website in HTML as I don’t trust WordPress and the MySQL database it uses.

Author bio

More interesting items writterly like:

My favorite author is George Orwell. Other top authors: Douglas Adams, Lawrence Durrell, Charles Bukowski, Alistair MacLean, Captain W. E. Johns, Gerald Durrell.

My favorite silly film is Where Eagles Dare. Top serious film: Nostalgia by Andrei Tarkovsky. Other films: Girl on a Motorcycle, Betty Blue (directors cut), Sheltering Sky.

Favorite book: Coming up for Air. Followed by: The Alexandria Quartet, Last Chance to See, Long Dark Teatime of the Soul, Biggles in a Baltic.

All time favorite TV series: Blakes 7

Favorite plays: Krapps Last Tape, Waiting for Godot, The Chairs

Favorite comedy sketch: The Spanish Inquisition (Python)

Favorite TV programme when I was a kid: Camberwick Green. The Herbs was also good.

As of May 2021 I have written:

The novels
1. No title – Science Fiction (unfinished)
2. No title – Real Life (unfinished)
3. No title – Science Fiction
4. No title – Real Life (much like Coming up for Air)
5. Burning Wolfhound
6. Codename Wolfhound

1. Caffeinated in Woolwich – 4 pieces showcase
2. What did you put in my coffee? – Short Stories
3. Shatter. Justin Tuijl the poems 2011-2020

Well over 200 poems.
2 to 3 autobiographies.
Loads of articles.
Loads of non fiction.

My poems are mostly confessional, though towards 2020 they became quite avant-garde too. See the post about “shatter

More writerly and related things of interest:

I’m currently writing a science-fiction dystopian post-apocalypse novel.
I have a BA in Professional and Creative Writing.
I used to live in India, Indonesia and Ecuador.
I used to volunteer in conservation in the rainforest.

There is more to read regarding my writing here: Here

Other stuff: I don’t own a TV or radio. I don’t follow the news. I have never read the newspapers.

Support my work

If you like my writing please consider supporting me. My real jobs include, restoring an old church, caring for my wife and webdesign. This leaves little time for writing. Support for this would help free some time, it would also be a moral booster that some people like my work.

Please buy a book at Amazon (here’s a thing, Amazon take most of the money, I get about 17p a book) I am willing to order copies via the author copies function and pass the saving onto you. Please contact me.

  • My paypal email is justin@justintuijl.com
  • This site supports Brave rewards via the Brave browser

Thank you.


This site does not use Google Analytics to track visitors. Google uses the data for nefarious purposes, for profit. They have bad privacy practices. It does use Matomo Analytics, you can opt out of that tracking below. Matomo are classified as “ethical”. Since there is no way to login there are no other privacy issues. The contact form uses hCaptcha which is an ethical alternative to Google Captcha (Google Captcha is not good and is used to train their AI). If you don’t believe me about my website tracking please add the extension “Duckduckgo” for Firefox (don’t use Chrome, it spies on you) and Duckduckgo will show you what the website does. I’d also recommend: Ghostery, uBlockOrigin, and Multi-Account Containers. Brave Browser is also good for privacy. My website does not re-use your data or do anything bad, but many do. Protect your data!

Opt out of Matomo analytics:

You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.


I have removed the ability to comment on posts on this website as there was no real interest. I’m very mistrustful of social media since lockdown 1 due to the terrible way they behaved and continue to behave. I’m pretty sure social media was invented in order to suck away time and effort from people, when we could be doing real and productive stuff, in order to make us all superficial. It’s time to break the habit and I don’t use most of the stuff listed. I am a webdesigner and I used all the platforms to a large degree. I’m not a technology Luddite, but I do not trust them all now. I have deleted a lot of my other social media accounts and a lot of my footprint on the web. Why? They are building a profile of all of us, I do not wish to be known like that.


This seems a good site still, certainly no propaganda all over it and hopefully not data reselling.

Pretty much zero trust of Amazon but my books are currently on there.

My newsletter, uses Mailchimp, I don’t trust Mailchimp that much, acted quite bad during lockdown 1. However my own newsletter doesn’t spam you.

The RSS feed for this website, shows you new posts via Thunderbird or such.


Less then zero trust of Facebook. Propaganda machine, hate being stuck with it really. There business model is to resell our data, they have no scruples. Zuckerberg is a very bad boy.

Also behaved real bad during lockdown and beyond. Sick puppies, I don’t use this much now.

Behaved super bad during lockdown and beyond. Cancel culture in action. Bad platform, my use is zero.

I’m on here, not really used it much.

On here, not used it really.


You can use my email address: justin@justintuijl.com


    RSS Feed

    This is the RSS feed address:





    Of others on the web worth a look. May not be all that writerly but is all anti-propaganda.

    Max Igan: The Crow House
    A chap with a different view than the mainstream.

    James Corbett: The Corbett Report
    A chap with a different view and well researched pieces.

    Dr Vernon Coleman
    A man who always says it how it is.

    The truth fears no investigation.

    There have been some massive lies in history. He is a big fat one.

    It’s better to know all the arguments.

    The technocrats are after us, find out more here.

    Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind The Global Warming Hoax
    Man made climate change is a hoax.

    Tom Wood’s: Liberty Classroom
    Some history, not the bendy sort.

    Piers Corbyn: weatheraction.com
    He’s a real genuine man fighting for freedom and a real scientist. They are after him to blacken his name.

    Michael Moore: Planet of the Humans
    Watch this and let me know if you think all this sustainable lark isn’t profiteering.

    Ian R Crane’s Alternative View
    Many lectures from different people, eye opening.

    Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary

    Some things are worth a second look.


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