No shit Sherlock

Written 2018

No shit Sherlock, find an easy way,
Sherlock, mist in the valley,
legal way, break your bank,
Sherlock, molock, lockness, lock
up your daughters, your daughter
word vomit, black tumble, black canvass,
long view deviants, special air police,
bank robbers, on the train,
passport, passport vomit,
no known solution, no solution in absolute,
flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker,
one more on the breach, unto,
don’t die in absolute terror,
don’t die in violet pants,
furthermore, Sherlock,
don’t give me that Watson,
rough water in violet terror, end your days, end your days,
when you come back be a jellyfish, puke the mercury,
puke the plastic microbeads, algy beard,
spare brain cells and spreading ivy,
walking on grass, barefoot, song and wine,
eyes, burning depth, red embers
melting, melting, I’m melting,
blank, blank, so blank, so ray me,
infinite stars, infinite time,


we look into each other’s eyes
depth, as far as the eyes,
earth, deep earth,
the camera sees us, walls, walls all around,
so tall, above the empty courtyard,
the camera, eyes, eyes all around,
cold grey walls, cold eyes, cameras on us,
dark sky above, feeble light in the courtyard,
trapped in the camera, the camera is desperate,
moment, moment, snap, snap, taken, taken,
I don’t see you
we find a place to escape,
we find a place to ESCAPE.

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