The Corbett Report

Many people are denying that there is a purge happening at the moment by big tech. Amazon, Smashwords, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter are all deleting content they don't like, content that doesn't fit with the narrative. Mention election fraud, vaccines, lockdowns, covid etc and you could find your content vanished. I myself have been censored on Twitter and Facebook, which is why I left.

The Corbett Report by James Corbett was recently, a few days ago, finally zapped from YouTube. Years of content and journalism deleted. However, James is no fool and it was all backed up and available on other platforms. All of his output is informative and well researched. Please investigate his work and tell me why YouTube saw fit it finally have the cheek to invalidate his content:

I myself have decided to no longer hold my tongue but not to put it on other's platforms. Granted, this website is not on my own server, yet, but it could be and like James, it is all backed up. The "asides" section of this website is for these more controversial subjects.


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