Keep Us Safe

Written 2020

I remember the world before the virus. Long before the smart cites, long before I lived in this box. It’s lucky I live in my own head now, though I’m not sure how the DNA/RNA vaccine has affected my thoughts. There’s the chip implants that track my movements and record my vaccines. I don’t think I feel different in the head, hard to say.

The world before was very different, company, human contact, maybe a cuddle, the days when you saw smiles and not masks. I don’t remember when I last saw a smile. I’ve not been within 6 foot of anyone since the world changed.

I’m writing this on the banned paper with a pencil. I guess it’s a diary. I should order my food and the cooking things, but I’m tired. Today at the work bank I stood on the treadmill. The screen ahead told me I wasn’t putting enough energy into the system many times. I’m old now, 45, near the end of my life. Soon they’ll say I don’t put enough energy into the system, and then, it’s over for me.

I’m not sure if the chip is monitoring my thoughts, this paper is probably dangerous, it may have virus on it. Just like the books and the cash used to. I used to like the library, but the memory of them fades. I don’t really remember what was in the books, not sure if I can read anymore. It’s just symbols these days. Face symbol, to cover it with a hood. Hands symbol for the gloves. Space symbol for the distancing. It’s all programmed in now, just like the arrows on the floor and the one way walking systems around the city. I don’t need to look at the symbols, I know they are there.

The food was so different then, meat. Now that synthetic food and the treated water. I quite like the taste of chlorine now. It’s better to be safe. It’s good that the Gates World Foundation for Health is protecting us all. He looks so young now. Much better than me. I’m just a worker scum. I’m pathetic.

I’m so glad he is protecting us from the virus. It’s better to have no freedom so we can be safe. I think I’m due another weekly vaccine, perhaps tomorrow I think. These days it feels nice when the nanobots go in your veins, I feel comfortable they are in there looking after me. Keeping me safe.

This world is a better one. No fast food, no coffee, no cafes, no cars, no possessions. The GWFH gives us it all, to keep us safe. When I order the cooking things, they take them away afterwards and clean them, so there can be no virus. All I have to do is go to the Work Bank and give my energy to help keep everything going. 18 hours on, the rest is my own.

I’m so glad they are keeping us safe.

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