Work is being added all the time, the date is the date of posting here, not of writing. Some of my work has adult themes.

wyndpharms are stupid2021/06/14Poems2021-06-14 16:31:56
given2021/06/13Poems2021-06-13 21:03:19
unbearable oblivion 22021/06/13Poems2021-06-13 20:13:12
shopping cart the hell out of it2021/06/10Poems2021-06-10 22:02:59
No shit Sherlock2021/06/10Poems2021-06-10 21:55:57
island2021/06/10Poems2021-06-10 21:51:22
SINGULARITY6662021/06/10Notes2021-06-10 21:07:33
Cyber attacks, coming soon2021/06/08Asides2021-06-08 17:58:16
Jeepurs Devon Rex and Siamese Cats2021/06/07Non Fiction2021-06-07 22:21:28
Foolish Cars2021/06/07Non Fiction2021-06-07 15:27:39
Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom2021/06/05Asides2021-06-05 22:30:03
pink bitches2021/06/05Poems2021-06-05 21:57:30
unfinished2021/06/05Poems2021-06-05 21:45:54
sell us ollygarky2021/06/05Poems2021-06-05 21:43:18
you’re nuts me lord2021/06/05Poems2021-06-05 21:34:06
How might the idea of working within a culture or tradition be specifically relevant to contemporary creative writers?2021/06/03Essays2021-06-03 11:29:14
The self-slush pile2021/06/02Articles2021-06-02 22:34:02
The history of cost-cutting, sorry, publishing2021/06/02Articles2021-06-02 22:32:56
You too can be a penniless author2021/06/02Articles2021-06-02 22:32:03
Straight out of Woolwich2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:46:13
This Is Just To Say variation2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:41:56
Sappho’s Moon and Pleiades – translations2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:39:32
And we did2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:35:11
Make is so Captain Picardigan2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:32:48
Pound for the guy2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:31:11
Though the kingfishers looked2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:29:01
The train rattled2021/06/02Poems2021-06-02 21:26:42
Adlestrop by Edward Thomas2021/06/01Articles2021-06-01 23:24:38
Biggles books and me2021/06/01Articles2021-06-01 23:08:21
Neuschwanstein Castle2021/06/01Travel2021-06-01 19:43:52
Contiki Coach Tour of Europe 19902021/06/01Travel2021-06-01 16:42:42
Bitten by the Goa bug2021/06/01Travel2021-06-01 16:38:30
Interrail Europe 19922021/06/01Travel2021-06-01 14:34:32
Boom Festival 20122021/06/01Travel2021-06-01 14:26:00
As I walked out one crappy morning2021/05/31Short Stories2021-05-31 19:46:51
A night at my work, a journal like entry2021/05/31Non Fiction2021-05-31 19:29:32
About my book of poems “shatter”2021/05/30Non Fiction2021-05-30 22:16:12
let there be cake2021/05/30Poems2021-05-30 22:10:26
Dry Golden2021/05/30Poems2021-05-30 22:07:37
Autobiography2021/05/30Non Fiction2021-05-30 21:50:16
2 Visits Over 3 Days To A Nuclear Bunker In A Forgotten Zombie Park & 5p Down2021/05/30Non Fiction2021-05-30 19:33:17
How is the male hero constructed in The Odyssey and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 2021/05/25Essays2021-05-25 22:14:50
Max Igan2021/05/25Asides2021-05-25 22:05:31
The Corbett Report2021/05/25Asides2021-05-25 21:46:23
Quarter Turkish2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 20:24:13
The Tower2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 20:22:57
Stage 2030 Covid2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 20:22:11
Keep Us Safe2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 20:21:21
Albert and Perky2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 20:20:11
A woman and her children2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 19:28:10
180 Years Old2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 19:24:09
Bert2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 19:08:20
Cold Coffee2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 19:06:36
Departure Gate2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 19:05:02
Ead’s Invisible Bin Spaceship2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 19:02:20
High Princess2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 19:00:21
H.M.S. Serendipity2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 18:58:37
Rupert2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 18:56:41
The Gimp2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 18:55:09
The Good House2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 18:53:27
The Viper2021/05/25Short Stories2021-05-25 12:32:50
Biggles and the Jackal2021/05/24Fan Fiction2021-05-24 23:19:31
Biggles and the Cool Trip2021/05/24Fan Fiction2021-05-24 23:17:08
Biggles and the Fags Of Doom2021/05/24Fan Fiction2021-05-24 23:13:39
Blakes 7 – the flawed but awesome BBC Sci-fi series from the 1970’s2021/05/24Articles2021-05-24 23:01:13
I thought I was Greta2021/05/24Articles2021-05-24 22:56:49
The Recovery Centre2021/05/24Scripts2021-05-24 21:47:53
Rattle Ghost – a re-telling of Rumpelstiltskin2021/05/24Short Stories2021-05-24 20:21:28
We are being watched2021/05/24Articles2021-05-24 16:39:33
Captain Clarkson and the Age of Thump2021/05/24Short Stories2021-05-24 16:18:23
Project Icarus2021/05/24Short Stories2021-05-24 16:03:48
Here2021/05/24Non Fiction2021-05-24 15:44:36
Caffeinated in Woolwich2021/05/24Travel2021-05-24 14:45:37
In the footsteps of Lawrence of Alexandria2021/05/24Travel2021-05-24 14:15:43
shatter2021/05/20Poems2021-05-20 10:32:14
Is there much point in writing to publish now?2021/05/20Notes2021-05-20 10:30:32
New website today2021/05/17Notes2021-05-17 22:12:17