Project Icarus and Other Stories

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This book of short stories is bought to you by the multi-genre author Justin Tuijl. Experience a variety of thrills and heart rending tails, not to mention a little fantasy, sci-fi and black comedy thrown in.

Project Icarus is a top-secret military installation in the heart of England. A reporter is summoned by the base commander to discover the deadly secrets fully backed by the president of the United States. What the reporter discovers is beyond his wildest fears.

High Princess is a fantasy and sci-fi story set in London, where the princess proves she is a giant among men.

The Viper is a thriller story where a man is prisoner but is working on a plan all of his own.

The Sofa is a story about a woman with dementia.

The Good House is a fantasy sci-fi, set in a post apocalyptic world.

The Gimp a suit comes in the post and sets off a spiral to a new life.

Rupert is a story set in London about a meeting between two people.

Rattle Ghost is a modern retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.

H.M.S. Serendipity is a flash fiction set by a model boat pool. Ead’s Invisible

Bin Spaceship, an alien comes to earth and sets up a lot of trouble.

Departure Gate, someone is saying goodbye. Bert is set in WW2 in the London Docks.

The Recovery Centre is about two men meeting in a recovery centre.

Bonus Story: Captain Clarkson and the Age of Thump is a story of rather comic satire.