Industry Research (writing) essay

18/5/21 Contents Introduction Question Analysis Conclusion References   Introduction   Having the time to write is a luxury – a luxury that may soon be extended to many more people. […]


Welcome to my tiny bit of the web. Not sure why I’m doing this as I’m pretty sure the powers that be will be taking the internet down pretty soon, […]

The Good House

From my book of short stories “Misplaced” PART 1 Alison loaded a shell into the breech of the tank’s gun and Claire gave her the thumbs up from the commander’s […]

COVID-19: The Great Reset

COVID-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab My rating: 1 of 5 stars Klaus Schwab is a very sick puppy. “The Great Reset” the insane idea, has been around since […]

Shatter, my book of 201 poems

This book is currently not published. Contains many years of poems which probably pre-date 2011. Here is the blurb page on this website: Shatter I’m not sure when it may […]

School of Electronic Moby Dicks

(Written 2016) School of the module way to get the most out of signature sheet specified in the module electronic card reader, hard copy: critical Moby Dick. This short book […]