there’s another island i see it from my window as i drive a place i could be away from it all maybe a little boat to get there maybe it […]

High Princess

(From my book Misplaced) Sally sat in a coffee shop in Woolwich, London. It was her favourite time of day, when the place was empty mid-morning. She sipped at her […]


(from my book Misplaced) Julia stood by the train door as it pulled into Beckton station. She had been watching the nearly empty platform all the time as it had […]

Foolish Cars

This is a collection of the interesting points from what used to be a very popular set of pages on my personal website. The whole turns into a technical non-fiction […]

Sappho’s Moon and Pleiades (translations)

A bit of fun I did in 2016, translations of a classic poem Original Greek poem: Δέδυκε μεν ἀ σελάννα καὶ Πληΐαδεσ, μέσαι δὲ νύκτεσ πάρα δ᾽ ἔρχετ᾽ ὤρα, ἔγω […]

let there be cake

the sun is falling below the gravestone, he made 83 when I was two i expect the sun is falling everywhere and none of it means a thing stones words […]