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I thought I was Greta

I’m a pretty disturbed bunny right now. Since July 2020 I’ve had to throw away a lot of ideas I had and embrace a lot of new ones. I used […]

sell us ollygarky

my poems document falling apart from the confessional to the abstract & esoteric they make less sense & more sense saying nothing & saying everything fireworks with words & damp […]

Climate change is nonesense

“Sustainability” and the “climate alarm” are mere tools for profit, greed and power. We are not directly affecting the warming and cooling of the globe, that is very egotistical of […]

Barcelona Plates by Alexei Sayle

Barcelona Plates by Alexei Sayle My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is my favourite of Sayles books that I have read. In fact I craved that he returned to […]

We Are Being Watched

Revised: 24/Oct/21 I’ve always been a massive geek. I was on computers back in 1977, the Apple 2. All my work was computer related, I taught myself as they wouldn’t […]