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The Covid State

(Written 2020) Carol followed the back alley quickly. She thought no one had seen her when she crossed the main road. She knew the back ways in the town very […]

Caffeinated in Woolwich

Note: This non-fiction is a response to the non-fiction piece “Lights Out For the Territory” by Iain Sinclair where he follows the same route in the 1980’s. It was written […]

Burning Wolfhound

This is the opening chapter of my novel Burning Wolfhound: Prologue Anjuna Beach, Goa, India – March 1968 The grey ship was on fire. A few hippies gathered on the […]

Codename Wolfhound

This is the opening chapter of my novel Codename Wolfhound: Darjeeling, India – March 1968 Jack Davenport lay there for some time, it was bitterly cold. The burning of hate […]

Project Icarus

(Written 2017) This is the opening story from my book of short stories, “Misplaced” (Note: please ignore the politics, I got it wrong, I admit it. Never listen to mainstream […]

Stage 2030 Covid

(Written 2020) “It’s quite simple,” said Karen. “I’m going to be terminated.” “But you’re still of use to society, surely?” replied Simon. “I don’t know, since they changed the rules […]


I remember clearly that my first written word was “here”. I used to hide behind the armchair and secretly write it on a bit of paper. I was very proud […]