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Bob Moran nails it

The stage changes. Wheel out the pandemic, wheel in the war with Russia (and put up the energy prices) See more of his work here:

the big show

impact explode collapse on footprint explode collapse theatre show corrupt perverted paedophiles psychopaths sick greedy totalitarian control subvert demoralise mass murder fake passport to implement tyranny the curtain drawn back […]

The Gimp

(Written 2017) John was making coffee when the gimp suit arrived. It had been a normal day until then. The kids had gone off to school, as usual, followed by […]

Other collections I am in

Goodreads Best Short Stories 2021 Poetica: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Poetry Anthology 2019 Gleam: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Second Flash Fiction Anthology 2019 Free Lit Magazine Vol 5 […]


think about the suicide pod hours a day of science screens & cameras one day more than the sun more than the death squad suffokate suffolk cate watch the world […]

you’re nuts me lord

squeeze the spot where the cats used to run with no pyjamas, i once knew a man called something rather different and never got over it, you need to know […]

wyndpharms are stupid

for the last time, there was another time with handles to the here, & now, one day there will be more than viruses man made or monkeys/esoteric monkeys though the […]


i find a wilderness walk the size of a steam nozzle, spurious in the extreme of halting breath, a beneficial but moaning discovery, yes, my church is a type that […]