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when you write out your life story & realise most of what you did was shit didn’t quite do it & i did more than many do writing your life […]

Biggles and the Fags Of Doom

(2017) Typical Biggles: the mission starts. Two weeks later an amphibian aircraft droned over the far reaches of Back-of-beyond. The sky was like a huge aquamarine dome stretching from bleak […]


(2017 – I don’t like this story, I’m not the person I was pre-lockdown 1. The politics are wrong)   5 June 1944 – the night before D-day The massive […]

Captain Clarkson and the Age of Thump

a retelling of the legend of Icarus in modern political satire  Written 2017. This was the original version of Project Icarus, “silly men doing silly things”, and the message was […]

The Viper

(2014 – this was a mix of the Terry Waite story and a short sequence from a Blakes 7 episode) The hood made my world dark and the ropes that […]

H.M.S. Serendipity

(2014) H.M.S. Serendipity rested in the model boat pool to take on fresh water. Sitting by the pool with his remote control for the H.M.S. Serendipity was Bert in a […]

Ead’s Invisible Bin Spaceship

(2017) Ead pressed the buttons of his spaceship and brought it into land at Trafalgar Square. It was 1pm in the afternoon on a Saturday. No one saw the spaceship […]

Cold Coffee

(2017) Gladys sat down on the sofa with her shopping bags all around her. “Bloody cold out there,” she said. “That it is mum,” said Beryl. “At least we got […]

Departure Gate

(2017 – most people misunderstand this story) “I’m going to have a coffee, how about you?” said the man. “Ok, I’ll have a tea,” said the girl. She took off […]