I guess in the old days and making mix tapes on the old analogue cassettes one then wanted to mix the tracks together.

I had a mess of old decks, tape and CD to make mixes and a rubbish mixer.

Then with the PC there was no looking back with software like Traktor.

I was so messed about as a live DJ. I did gigs in Norwich, London and Goa. Never got paid much and was truly shafted a few times, actually, many times. The Goa venue owners mostly stink. London isn’t much better. The biggest highlight for me was playing 7 hours straight at the Bamboo Forest in Anjuna 2014. The end was when I’d just walked into a place in Ilford, London to do a set and the “security” guy decided to fix me up. I won’t say all that happened because of him, but I just decided, “nuts to this” and I never did a gig again.

The end of the gig in the morning: Bamboo Forest, Anjuna