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I never really cared about the moon landings. When people said they didn’t believe they happened, it was faked, I didn’t care. Real, faked, meh. So what? However, since 2020 I realised that the world is built on lies. So much of what I took for granted, what didn’t add up, I discovered, didn’t add up for a reason. This made me realise how much history is written by the winners. The moon landings are a case in point. So much didn’t add up about it, and hell, what did I care? I wasn’t even born when it all happened.

Things that troubled me about the moon landings:
1. We’re going to need a bigger rocket. Apollo surely didn’t have enough juice to get there?
2. Open the pod bay doors Hal. How did they dock faultlessly many times when the LEM blasted off from the moon to re—join the command module?
3. Re-combobulate the combobulator. How did the pictures for the film get to earth so quickly?

Once I looked into it more, something that really troubles me. They built a massive crane with a moonscape under it where they could fly the LEM about underneath, for “training”. That is a lot of trouble to go to for “training”.

There are so many other things, once you look in the rabbit hole. Like the lunar rover. It’s a meaty car. Imagine the batteries it would need in the 1960’s. And that got flown to the moon, assembled and charged? Honestly, the details are pointless and endless, so much doesn’t add up.

Why would they fake it?

100% success.

A lot of money.

Need I say more.

NASA to me looks like one great big money pit. Any space mission is so easy to fake now with CGI.

See this site for some interesting info: http://apollotruth.atspace.co.uk/ – you’ll get a: “this site isn’t safe” warning, as they don’t have an SSL certificate, but you’re not going to buy any merch are you? 😀