A note from Justin: Several years back I had Google adverts on my website but I decided to remove it, I did make a lot from the ads but I fear that Google are being none to honest using data taken from their services. A member area seems a better solution. Giving all my work away for free is probably a bad idea, isn't that slavery, so I have this instead. My novel Burning Wolfhound is £5.20 on Amazon, do you know how much Amazon charge to print it? £5.20. I would rather charge a one time fee on my own site for my work than give all that money to Amazon. The benefit of the lifetime membership is to have a closer connection to the readers of my works.


Free subscriber - join the website and comment on free read posts and includes subscriber only/member only content. Also includes newsletter signup option.

Lifetime membership - £5 one time cost (limited time offer): as above plus even more exclusive content, serial novels and insider info, work in progress. Articles, novels, books, stories, poems and more.