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Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Orwell, in Down and Out in Paris and London, when he recounted laying starving on his bed in Paris, said that while you are in trauma, starving for instance, you have no hope of writing then. Once it is all over and you have a nice full tummy, a cup of tea and the pressure is off, then you can write. This is explained in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in that, certain “comforts” need to come together before you can be inspired again. I guess this gives a writer the excuse to procrastinate. However, I’ve been having a lot of trouble writing anything since lockdown 1 started the world going mad. Once you have written a few poems about tyranny, it’s done, after that you can write more of tyranny, or try to writing something else, which now seems pointless. Faced with a need “security” being missing just means no writing.

With the state of the world a lot of security is now missing. Also, a crashed economy isn’t going to do much for book sales. Indeed, pretty soon we’ll all be laying on out beds starving.