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justin tuijl - writer, musician, DJ, webdesigner, conservationist


I have been writing constantly since I first could. My first written word for some strange reason was ‘here’ I was very proud of this word and would secretly hide behind an arm chair and write ‘here’.

Little did I know life was about to deal me a troublesome blow: dyslexia.

The resulting years were tricky, but it never stopped me, I wanted words more than anything. I was rescued from problems reading by Captain W.E. Johns and his Biggles books. I needed to know what was inside so much that it made me learn to read. Of course W.E. Johns inspired me to write.

Since then I have written (unpublished) six novels, short stories, articles and poems. Though I wrote six novels over time I feel that 1 to 5 were just practice, I never looked to publish. The first was started while still at school. Six is a complete from the practice of the others.

I have decided that I am now able to confront the spectre of learning again. Again it hasn’t been easy, but there are more systems in place to help someone with dyslexia and dyspraxia than there were in my school days. I am about to embark on a creative and professional writing degree. My core value is to continue to spread the word of conservation or ‘saving the planet’

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