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justin tuijl - writer, musician, DJ, webdesigner, conservationist


Back in the early days of computing I used to program the Apple computers at my mum’s work. I was never one for making games. All my software, made in Apple Basic, was human interface programs.

Turns out this was good practice for making websites, who would have thought?

When the internet started to enter the mainstream it was as early as 1998 that I first put a website online. Of course that was going to happen!

Since then I have mostly gained customers via word of mouth. I am also pleased to still be supporting non-profits.

I still believe a website shouldn’t cost the earth. My own lifestyle is simple and sustainable and I like to pass those savings on to customers.

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London, UK and worldwide

Beckton, East London

Tel/sms: 07596907628

Email: jtuijl (at)



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