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justin tuijl - writer, musician, DJ, webdesigner, conservationist


As a kid I used to be obsessed with sounds. With my granddad we used to make funny sounds and talking into his reel to reel tape recorder. I’ve always had a great interest in music.

After being pretty bad with a recorder at school and never really working out guitars and pianos I discovered computers. Even in the 1970’s I was making them beep.

Gradually through time the computers were more able. Even on the Playstation 1 I was making music. I have since learnt the piano, though not enough.

Now I have made about 30 albums, mostly all available for free download. These are electronic. I try many different styles.

I also DJ. Many styles though I am particularly good at psytrance with a great catalogue. Best event so far: playing 7 hours straight at the Bamboo Forest venue in Anjuna, Goa.

Twitter - Facebook - My Blog: Musician/DJ

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London, UK and worldwide

Beckton, East London

Tel/sms: 07596907628

Email: jtuijl (at)



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