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justin tuijl - writer, musician, DJ, webdesigner, conservationist


Right from a young age I was interested in animls. From the cats in the back yard of our flat in Whittlesey to the exotic creatures in my child’s animals picture book. I also loved Gerald Durrell books full of wonderful creatures.

It was with horror that I later learnt that humans were destroying so many of the animals I had seen in my childhood book. I thought they were here forever.

I have also always been concerned that we are chopping down the rainforests. It has worried me all my life.

On a local level I volunteered with Greenpeace and the RSPB. Through the Greenpeace involvement I saw a man speak about the rainforest in Ecuador. His name was Raul Nieto. He said he needed volunteers. In 2011 I took voluntary redundancy from my printing job to go and help him.

I also paid for a course to get STCW health and safety at sea certificates in order to go and help on a Greenpeace ship. The course was a great experience though I never heard from Greenpeace.

After Ecuador I worked in India and Indonesia. Due to my involvement webmastering for the Norfolk Tortoise Club I worked for Turtle Survival Alliance India.

Now back in England I wish to learn more about writing so I can spread the word of conservation to the world that way.

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London, UK and worldwide

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