Justin’s books

The 5 self-published books by Justin Tuijl. Three are free at Smashwords can also be got ebook and print here it seems Books2read there is also an Amazon author page but I have unlisted by books from me, however there are some secondhand ones for sale. Also, some of my works are in collections listed on Amazon.

Burning and Codename Wolfhound are action thrillers. However, I don’t want to write thrillers anymore. Misplaced short stories were experiments in different genres. One of my favorite was the Recovery Centre and I may explore this sort of thing more. I have a sci-fi novel in progress, more here

Caffeinated in Woolwich was a showcase project for University and a bit pointless, so I unpublished it.

The poems book there is no demand for, so I unpublished it.

I did take all my books offline but kept being asked for the first three, so I relented. I did try to get some of my books published in the past, but now made them free, why? you can read about that here.

You can click the covers for more info on the books: