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I made a bunch of music from a young age onwards. Was obsessed in the old days of running the tape recorder and making banging noises and stuff. I’d also play my nans old organ as a kid and make a “hell of a racket”, in her eyes! To me it was inspired. My grandad said years later that it was always tuneful.

I tried many ways of doing music but I didn’t have much equipment until I was working and bought a few bits. Was quite interested in DJing too. I always tried to make computers make music, whcih was a challenge of equipment. From Apple 2, Spectrum, Amiga, all being ropey. The PC was also fairly naff for a longtime.

I did a 31 albums, countless DJ mixes and several gigs in Norwich, London and Goa, India.

In the end I got sick of gigs and being messed about. I’ve not made any new music for sometime, that may change.

My music on Bandcamp

And aka Starship Anjuna

Album Discography

31 Albums

Under Justin Tuijl

  1. Selected Amiga Classics (lost) – 90 mins (approx 1990)
  2. Make you change you mind (lost) – 90mins
  3. Eat my Fluid (lost) – 90mins
  4. Inquisition (lost) – 90mins
  5. Up the Revolution (lost) – 90mins
  6. Half – 40 mins
  7. One (approx 2008)
  8. Environmental Army – 40 mins
  9. env – 120 mins
  10. livefromnorwich – 105 mins
  11. NO STATION – 76mins
  12. Audio Explorer – 60 mins
  13. Magic Batplan – 100 mins
  14. Magic Tortoise – 50 mins (originally recorded under the artist name Magic Tortoise)
  15. Connection – 25 mins
  16. Evil Mind – 70 mins
  17. Dark Vortex – 170 mins (mid 2012)
  18. Best of: the collection – 80 mins
  19. Orangutan – 86 mins
  20. Metal – 12 mins
  21. Orbit – 50 mins
  22. Spirilina Goa Beach – 15 mins
  23. rainforest – 76 mins

Well Protected Nutter

Foot to the Floor – 23 mins

Bad Mandi

Electrocuteshun – 50 mins
Naughty Mandi – 35 mins

Starship Anjuna (Psyship was a released album)

Psyship – 65 mins
Psyspace – 112 mins

Polar Bear Express

Polar Bear Express – 30 mins

Disco Valley (artist not label!)

Goa Curry – 11 mins

Mountain Ghost

Snow Leopard – 4 mins(!)

Magic Tortoise

Magic Tortoise – 50 mins (this was also put under Justin Tuijl)


My music on YouTube (click here)


I guess in the old days and making mix tapes on the old analogue cassettes one then wanted to mix the tracks together.

I had a mess of old decks, tape and CD to make mixes and a rubbish mixer.

Then with the PC there was no looking back with software like Traktor.

I was so messed about as a live DJ. I did gigs in Norwich, London and Goa. Never got paid much and was truly shafted a few times, actually, many times. The Goa venue owners mostly stink. London isn’t much better. The biggest highlight for me was playing 7 hours straight at the Bamboo Forest in Anjuna 2014. The end was when I’d just walked into a place in Ilford, London to do a set and the “security” guy decided to fix me up. I won’t say all that happened because of him, but I just decided, “nuts to this” and I never did a gig again.

Justin's Music
The end of the gig in the morning: Bamboo Forest, Anjuna