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2014 – This was an exercise in class on my access course when each person wrote a word on the blackboard and then we had to make a story combining all the words. Most people had to write 1000 to 2000 words to get them in! I did it in 200. Also, I forced myself to use the words in the same order they were written on the board.

H.M.S. Serendipity rested in the model boat pool to take on fresh water. Sitting by the pool with his remote control for the H.M.S. Serendipity was Bert in a blissful languor as he imagined the sailors working on getting the water aboard.

His wife Rose sat nearby on her folding chair eating an ice cream. She was about to burst his bubble as she secretly fumbled with her remote control for the pirate ship ‘Blag’ which rested in the deep shadows at the far end of the pool.

In H.M.S. Serendipity’s captain’s cabin the ship cat ‘Tortoise’ was sleeping on an upturned book about building model boats. A comfortable volume, thought Tortoise, with the exception of when the ship was on a rough ocean. At those times Tortoise would retire to the larger volume: “Mulberry growing for cats”.

On the pirate ship “Fluff” the dog looked though the cannon ports across the boat pool and chuckled: “Trifle with the Blag would you? Argghhh.”

Suddenly Bert was violently stirred from his languor and nearly dropped his large 99 flake as out of the blue a pirate ship with blazing cannons set upon the unprepared H.M.S. Serendipity and Tortoise fell off her book.