COVID-19: The Great Reset

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COVID-19: The Great Reset COVID-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab
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Klaus Schwab is a very sick puppy. "The Great Reset" the insane idea, has been around since 2016, but they have been trying to find a lever for it all much longer. It was first coined as "The New World Order". That didn't catch so well in the masses. Nether did "The Great Reset" until Covid, when they ADDED Covid to their book title, and ADDED covid to The Great Reset. PLEASE don't believe this madman, just because the elites, like Bill Gates and BONO are buddy buddy with the WEF, doesn't mean that we all want to live in Fascist Slavery, because people, that is what the "Great Reset" is. It is the loss, changing completely of humanity. Be scared of this book! Be scared of Klaus Schwab, be scared of the sick plans of WEF. Do not believe these lies. "The Great Reset" is a very bad thing and they are forcing upon us under the smokescreen of Covid.