Conservation Note 2024

This is a note regarding my time as a conservationist and my views on the “green” movement.

It never ceases to amaze me what a naive idiot I have been in my life. Maybe that is why they name green issues “green”, as you have to be in order to swallow it.

I never was to succeed at my little project. I was a fool to think Greenpeace would have me on their ship, even though I spent £1000 on the health and safety at sea course, as they directed me to do in order to be considered. Their ships need very little crew and certainly no need for someone like me. Sea Shepperd, who I defaulted to, made me pay money but I doubt there was any chance I’d be going on their ships, I’d also have had to got to the USA. Then there were the issues of volunteering for several organisations in Indonesia and India. It would have taken months to setup and I’d have been self-financing. Great for someone with money for a “jolly time”. I’m quite glad I never went to those projects anyway, the majority of them are quite bent. And the British Chelonia Society, simply rejecting me due to my lack of education. I went on to get a BA and an MA, partly due to them. By the end of my BA I’d realised just how corrupt the green movement is, and by the end of my MA I’d really woken up.

It was Raul of the project in Ecuador who was the first to open my eyes as to the real state of these so called “saving the planet” organisations. Oh, what a mess it really is! I won’t bore you with the details but he explained how the whole system is so bent it will never be fixed. In Ecuador for instance, the place is stuffed with “Eco” holiday setups. Handy little earner that.

The things that came through were TSA India and Joko with his turtle concern in Indonesia. The BKEL people in Indonesia were accommodating too. However, I was dropped by them after a bit as Mike really didn’t have time to be sorting me out with more random things to do. After the Banda stuff I was on my own, stuck in Madan. I strung together stuff in Bukit on my own and with Joko, more TSA India. Essentially though I was winging my own way. TSA India possibilities were actually quite impossible in the end. It was a can of worms.

In the end I decided not to stay in Asia but to head back to England and decided to get the qualifications. Then life changed. Then the world changed.

Also, I thought vegan/vegetarian would save the planet. My Greenpeace buddies in Norwich were not veggie. The whole time I tried to be vegan and vegetarian I felt weird, unwell, funny in the head. So glad I stopped that religion.

My home now is partly off grid. Our expensive solar setup is a joke. The composting toilet is awesome. The rainwater harvesting system is awesome. What was the most expensive? The solar system. What fuel does our car take so far from anywhere? Diesel. When you are 60 miles from a city, electric cars or petrol doesn’t cut it. Diesel is an amazing fuel, and the people who’d have it banned know this. It’s not heavily processed, so not a nasty substance they’d have you believe.

I digress.

The point being, like I say in the “I Thought I was Greta” article, I did the ground work, I did the research by being right there where the issue was supposed to be. I found out many truths about the “green” movement, the religion, because that is what it is, belief in something we have no proof of. Yes there are issues in the world pertaining to conservation, but the waters are muddy.

Sustainability is about profit. Sell a new car with batteries. Sell more solar, sell more air source heat pumps.