Website Privacy

Ok, you guessed it, this is more than just the privacy of this website, it's much more convoluted than that: invasion of privacy worldwide. Some useful info.

This website is by the author. It does have Google reCaptcha v.2 for stopping spam signups. I might even remove that if I can find a better spam stopper. I also has Goolge Analytics, which I might remove. There are no other trackers. You can join my site to comment, the engine is WordPress.

I do not use your data. If you join the data is only used to run the website, nothing else.

I’d recommend using Firefox rather than Chrome. I’d also recommend plugins like Duckduckgo, uBlockOrigin and Ghostery. That way you can see what websites are trying to do with your browsing.

I no longer do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google. I don’t trust them! Instagram started the ball rolling with some very dodgy privacy rules.

Be aware: they ARE watching us.

On my laptop I have disabled my microphone and camera. I also have a smartphone which is the same. The smartphone has no sim in it and is not connected to the network, only wifi. For phone calls I have a dumb phone. Did you know that Android phones by default use Google DNS? I don’t want everything I do going through Google. I have an app from which routes the traffic via different DNS. My smartphone has very few apps on it. We still think it can record audio as often things appear on the browser that we just talked about, fine at the moment for adverts... but!

Google, Google Maps, Facebook and more track you on the internet and around the world by default, UNLESS you opt out!

I am putting this info here partly because, the more people who opt out, the better.

All the best