Cold Coffee

Reading time: 3 minutes


Gladys sat down on the sofa with her shopping bags all around her.

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Ead’s Invisible Bin Spaceship

Reading time: 4 minutes


Ead pressed the buttons of his spaceship and brought it into land at Trafalgar Square. It was 1pm in the afternoon on a Read more

H.M.S. Serendipity

Reading time: ~1 minute


H.M.S. Serendipity rested in the model boat pool to take on fresh water. Sitting by the pool with his remote control for the Read more

The Viper

Reading time: 8 minutes

(2014 - this was a mix of the Terry Waite story and a short sequence from a Blakes 7 episode)

The hood made my world dark and the ropes that bound my wrists and ankles stopped me moving at all, as I lay on the Read more


Reading time: 4 minutes

(2017 - I don't like this story, I'm not the person I was pre-lockdown 1. The politics are wrong)

5 June 1944 – the night before D-day

The massive shed at the Royal Albert Dock was a chaos of war materials. Bert looked across the open sided shed full of tanks, jeeps, trucks, shells and guns towards the dock which was full of ships and barges. The place was an uproar of noise Read more

High Princess

Reading time: 24 minutes

(Written 2017 – From my book Misplaced)

Sally sat in a coffee shop in Woolwich, London. It was her favourite time of day, when the place was empty mid-morning. She sipped at her coffee and felt a warm glow at the thought of the croissant she had just eaten. The sofa was very comfy. Then her phone vibrated. It was Mike asking where she was. She replied, and shortly after, a funny little man arrived and smiled at her in an almost ravishing and shifty manner.

“I was just passing,” he said. “Thought you might be about.”

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The Good House

Reading time: 29 minutes

(Written 2017)

From my book of short stories “Misplaced”


Alison loaded a shell into the breech of the tank’s gun and Claire gave her the thumbs up from the commander’s position. Claire looked outside where the tank was stationary in a wide wooded gulley; not the best landscape for the large tracked vehicle she thought.

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