Burning Wolfhound novel a thriller by Justin Tuijl
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Burning Wolfhound novel by Justin Tuijl

My novel Burning Wolfhound is now available from Amazon in Kindle or paperback formats

Assassin Bernhart Smith chases American gangster Jack Davenport and his crew across the world, seeking revenge for a series of bloody murders. Setting out from the bleak North Norfolk coast of England in his ex-navy gunboat the Wolfhound, Bernhart continues the hunt through Rotterdam, Oldenzaal, Gibraltar, Monaco, Malta, Egypt, and India.

Reaching the Himalayan town of Darjeeling in pursuit of Jack, Bernhart finds his journey has not yet ended. Via sex, drugs, motorbikes and birdwatching, Bernhart’s fears and desires explode in a final gripping twist.

Burning Wolfhound, an action-adventure thriller, is set in 1968.

Buy here: www.amazon.co.uk/burningwolfhound

More info on the novel at my blog (click here)

Burning Wolfhound novel

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Why would I give it away free? Because it isn't worth anything? No, I hope Burning Wolfhound is a super read, at least the reviews on Amazon say so and I hope five years work produced something worth reading! Right now I am not inerested in making a profit, I am interested in having readers and I would also hope to get more reviews from delighted readers on Amazon. Please claim your free copy, absolutely no catch! This is a limited time offer, get it free while you can.

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