Burning Wolfhound

The Wolfhound, ex-Navy gunboat, is burning…

Jack Davenport has killed Bernhart's lover. Now Bernhart and Charlotte are chasing the gangster across the world in the Wolfhound.

Matters are complicated by Bernhart's ex-wife, his unrequited love for Charlotte, a rogue/unpredictable MI6 man and an apparently foolish millionaire.

A gripping thriller with a final, burning twist, Burning Wolfhound will appeal to readers of Alistair Maclean and page-turners.


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Reviews of Burning Wolfhound:

Provides a great sense of immersion of life as an assassin in 1968

Great novel worth more than 5 stars

Definitely feels like you are on board

Very good gripping novel. Highly recommended

Good read, fast paced interesting story that keeps you guessing

Interest in every turn!

Cover by Justin Tuijl, image from Pixabay.