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1970 Sunday March the 8th 4:30am – Justin is born in Nottingham in this house:


1971 He is moved to Whittlesey and lived above this shop:


1975 He is moved to Thetford

2021 Oct, he struggles to add more to this page…

“Most writers spew writing out verbosely, I’ve never been like that, for me, if I put the word, it took effort to be put there, so I don’t write more than I have to in order to get the message to the page.”


Lives somewhere in the UK.

Has a BA degree in Creative and Professional Writing. And a masters (MA) in novel writing.

Favourite authors: George Orwell, Douglas Adams, Lawrence Durrell, Gerald Durrell, Capt W.E. Johns, Alexei Sayle, Alistair MacLean, Charles Bukowski.

Has written many novels but the first few were lost. There were five books on Amazon but two are now unpublished.

Is working on a novel but it’s fairly shelved at the moment. He’s not sure if he can see much point in writing now as lockdown 1 messed his brain up for writing and appears to have made him write this bio in 3rd person.

2020 really set him discovering a lot of nonsense of the world ie man made climate change is rubbish and a lot more besides. You will have to discover that, rather than it being stated outright.

He does not watch the TV or listen to the radio. He does not do “news”, especially BBC.

There is a lot more of my writing to add to this website, but, I’m not sure I will, or not.

For more “about”, books etc, please see here