Justin went to university when he was old and studied a BA in Professional and Creative Writing.

Justin is now doing a masters degree in novel writing.

Justin likes cats.

Justin's favorite author is George Orwell, followed by Douglas Adams, Alistair MacLean, Lawrence Durrell, Gerald Durrell and Charles Bukowski.

Justin's favorite book is Coming up for Air, followed by The Alexandria Quartet, Long Dark Teatime of the Soul, Where Eagles Dare.

Justin's favorite film is Nostalgia by Andrei Tarkovski followed by Where Eagles Dare, Girl on a Motorcycle, Betty Blue.

Justin's favorite sci-fi series: Blakes 7.

Justin's favorite poet: Edward Thomas, followed by Bukowski.

Justin's favorite series as a child: Camberwick Green

Justin's favorite Monty Python sketch: The Spanish Inquisition.

Justin's biggest influence growing up: Biggles books. Favorite title: Biggles in the Baltic.

Justin's biggest writing influences: Orwell, W.E. Johns, Blakes 7, MacLean


Author Photo by: Pete Bartlett