Stage 2030 Covid

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(2020) “It’s quite simple,” said Karen. “I’m going to be terminated.” “But you’re still of use to society, surely?” replied Simon. “I don’t know, since they changed the rules again,…

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The Viper

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2014 – A pretty ropey story. I combines the Terry Waite story and a Blakes 7 opening scene as it’s inspirations. The hood made my world dark and the ropes…

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2017 – This story is terrible and the politics are all wrong, post 2020 I’d not have written this. 5 June 1944 – the night before D-day The massive shed…

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Cold Coffee

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2017 Gladys sat down on the sofa with her shopping bags all around her. “Bloody cold out there,” she said. “That it is mum,” said Beryl. “At least we got…

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180 Years Old

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(2020) There is a biting wind coming across the salt-water loch. The waves are up and the smell of the brine and seaweed is strong. Snow-capped mountains frame the far…

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(2017) Julia stood by the train door as it pulled into Beckton station. She had been watching the nearly empty platform all the time as it had come into view.…

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