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2009 at least that’s the year I think I wrote this. It’s a rather angry rant.

That morning we shagged like rabbits and both so content it was hard to leave. Out in the street dawn was breaking and the sun burst up through the ink black clouds. I wacked up the volume of my ipod up order to drown out the damn dawn chorus. Fuck I hate that noise. All it means to me is another night is over and we have to do another day. Further down the street the usual weirdos were about, late night drunks returning fuck knows where, sad fucks off to work like me, grinding their way into another day of pointless futility, working the day away to get back home for more fucking. There weren’t nothing else worth doing.

The cars started to build up, more shits off to work but this time with more money and more carbon footprint. ‘Cunts,’ I thought. But then I thought everyone I saw was a cunt. The noise of tyres and engines filled my ears and my fucking legs ached from the shagging. Fuck it. I got further into the city and more people started to emerge from their little cracks, like fucking insects burrowed away until morning, scampering out like vermin ready to raid the world of its riches and ferret back down into their festering burrows. Fucking wankers i thought, I was full of hate that morning.

I wondered how long my ears could take the beating of music and urban uproar. By now I was deep into the city centre and the usual chaos we call civilisation was in its usual throws of festering stupidity. Endless buses full of sad fucks like me, end to end metal coffins, cars, trucks, buses. Then the odd lunatic on a motorbike or bicycle. i had my head down far away in a music haze stooping through the throngs of human meat on the pavements.

Fucking work was looming, the office block was getting closer. The more i thought about it the less I wanted to be there. Why couldn’t things be different? Or would something different end up being just as mundane? Visions of my job ran though my head. Getting in, saying ‘mornin’ to all the wankers i hated, talking about cars, shagging and birds, just to be cool and one of them, the cunts. The shits sitting at their work stations not working but on the net secretly surfing porn, with fucking hard-ons under their desks, other blokes chatting to a dirty girl they had found, one of the ones who likes to join in with the chat, probably some frustrated old biddy who didn’t have orgasms with their waste of space bloke at home.

How often did I pretend to be interested in talk of cars while thinking how shit it was? Was I two faced? Ah fuck ‘em. I imagined the endless cups of caffeine, the office drug. I knew what that shit did, without caffeine work places would fall apart. The drug makes you focus on the moment and not look at the big picture. How often could one deal with the big picture anyway. Sleep, shag, work… then fucking death.

Ah shit, id have to sit in-front of that damn computer again, opening windows and dialogues, putting shit on virtual pages, boxes, lines, pictures, text. All about nothing, the latest news.. news what a fucking waste of time! More shit peddled around the world to make the human race think it cared or was making the world better, fuck that! Just more human crap in the story of raping the planet and being shitty to each other. The was no good news, just more shit. And when I finished one page I’d have to make another, endless. My pocket vibrated. I took the phone out, yea techno victim like the rest, and I reckoned I was eco friendly, yea right.

“Hey baby, great fuck this morning hun.” yea she liked my fucking, I replied with some filth to the text. “….yea u liked it didn’t you babe? u wait until later….” i knew it was bollocks. I now found myself with death metal in my ears and a fucking hard-on, stomping down the street like a mad bull. Cunts.