Album Discography

2024 update (after a very long break I made, so far, three albums in 2024):

We’re Not In The Club


I’m awake, now what?

31 Albums by me upto 2012

These were free download at but they changed the download thing and my albums are not available for download on there anymore, probably best Bandcamp where my albums are free. See the downloads page.

Early stuff was made on computers, a keyboard, playstation and saved on 90min cassettes. They kind of got lost. Albums 6 and 7 were the first on a decent PC and didn’t get lost due to the internet as backup! One and Half are sister albums with the tracks pretty much all made in the same time period.

Under Justin Tuijl

Selected Amiga Classics (lost) 90 mins (approx 1990)

Make you change you mind (lost) 90mins

Eat my Fluid (lost) 90mins

Inquisition (lost) 90mins

Up the Revolution (lost) 90mins

Half 40 mins

One (approx 2008)

Environmental Army 40 mins 06-07-2009

Spirilina Goa Beach 15 mins 07-06-2010

env 120 mins 03-01-2011

rainforest 76 mins 10-02-2011

NO STATION 76mins 07-04-2011

Audio Explorer 60 mins 16-05-2011

livefromnorwich 105 mins 08-07-2011

Magic Batplan 100 mins 22-01-2012

Magic Tortoise 50 mins (originally recorded under the artist name Magic Tortoise)

Connection (lost) 25 mins

Evil Mind 70 mins 12-03-2012

Dark Vortex 170 mins 06-07-2012

Best of: the collection 80 mins

Orangutan 86 mins 01-08-2012 (this album was split up and put under the Bad Mandi and Starship Anjuna projects)

Metal 12 mins 07-07-2013

Orbit (lost) 50 mins

Well Protected Nutter (Drum and Bass)

Foot to the Floor 23 mins

Bad Mandi (Techno/Ambient)

Electrocuteshun 50 mins
Naughty Mandi 35 mins

Starship Anjuna (Psytrance. Psyship was a released album, download free at: Bandcamp)
Psyship 65 mins
Psyspace 112 mins

Polar Bear Express

Polar Bear Express 30 mins

Disco Valley (artist not label!)

Goa Curry 11 mins

Mountain Ghost

Snow Leopard 4 mins(!)

Magic Tortoise (Ambient/Experimental/Noise)

Magic Tortoise 50 mins (yes this was also put under Justin Tuijl)