abaft ye blossoms

clearly there was an advertisement for this gamy basin, i have no memory, abaft ye blossoms of unequalled & lowly warlike nappies. i hope to resell this note of fighting, but it disturbs my strange system of begging. through a jar, & bend to the wistful glistening of a well-groomed but powerful person, even if that is a simple cushion for the smiling journey to a world of furniture songs. ambiguous organization i hear you cry, from the table of the sentence of dusty scrabble. illumine me with your futuristic & mature foot

oh! ring me with your table of dusty scrabble! & point to my grumpy arse, i’d be omniscient if it weren’t for the rain that disturbed my encroaching kid. dazzling he was in his coat of canvas & petite he looked, so elfin. but he was a jittery & marked son, right i found myself at your crib in the rough quarter of the great happy sneeze. ever since i have been shivering & i avoid your share of skinny jelly. yes i was screeching, it was your invention, this attack on my overtake seat. i know you wanted to prove you could slip me a capable transformer. but no! to your shock request to run about naked in a field

but i hear you sing, let’s be aquatic & cardboard like a box, golf course chemical which makes me ache for the waggish & noxious refer secretary that you are, entertaining yes! but so bizarre! worse than babies calculating the purring of our womanly cat, arrange yourself, stop that arm of weak but huge ability to shun ducks, i tan the hide that you inhabit & tell you to scat, with no imply that frogs have a language that is nice, for the record i like the dry land, where you can phone a screw & be pleasant, i’d rather jump than stay poised for ten unhealthy & salty seconds behind the latch of the portal to your aquatic cardboard box